Benefits of an Employee Engagement Platform

Benefits of an Employee Engagement Platform

Publish Date: 2023-06-14

Author: Aimee Hodgkinson

Enhancing employee productivity, retention and satisfaction is vital to creating a happier workforce. One of the best ways to do this is through effective use of the right Employee Engagement Platform.

A good employee engagement platform will gather feedback from your teams.

A great employee engagement platform will give you the data, insight and feedback you need to enact real change in your organisation.


5 Main Benefits of an Employee Engagement Platform


💡74% of employees said they’d be willing to give more feedback if they were truly anonymous.

If you want to get the best feedback, making sure that your employees know that what they share won't be traced back to them personally is crucial. If they don't feel safe to share their feedback, they may not be as open and honest. 

Trust is incredibly easy to lose and much harder to build back. If breached, employees may even choose not to offer their thoughts at all. 

Using a third-party platform adds an extra layer of trust. Employees are more likely to trust the confidentiality and impartiality of an external party, with a specialist tool rather than an internal system. 

Instant Insights:

💡 90% of business professionals prioritise data & analytics for successful digital transformation.

The instant insights provided by the Ten Space platform enables organisations to quickly identify trends, patterns and areas of improvement. You can watch your results coming in on our dashboard as your survey is happening. 

Instead of spending hours or even days crunching numbers and organising data, HR and management teams can focus on analysing and interpreting the insights to make data-driven decisions

The accessibility of instant insights promotes agility and responsiveness. That means you can show your teams that you are serious about using their feedback to create change and take action. 

Carrying out surveys on a regular basis, means you have an continual flow of up to date and highly-relevant employee feedback to shape decision making and manage risk.  


💡 1/3 of frontline workers feel disconnected from their colleagues in HQ and 4 in 10 employees feel their management is out of touch. 

Whether employees prefer WhatsApp, SMS or email, having a multi-channel approach ensures that you can reach everyone in the organisation.

For remote teams, having a platform that promotes inclusivity makes it easier for all employees to stay informed, provide feedback, and actively participate in the engagement initiatives of the organisation.


💡 38% of employees don’t feel their manager knows them well enough to understand their full potential.

Employee Engagement Platforms offer guidance and tools to help organisations formulate effective survey questions and design the best processes, ensuring that relevant and meaningful data is collected.

The best questions are those written with the aid of a third-party viewpoint. An expert, outside perspective can be extremely helpful to leadership and HR teams. We’ll help you get to the heart of any issues you want to explore. We’ll also help to keep your questions neutral so they aren’t written in a way that would influence the replies, so you can be confident about the insight and feedback you’ve captured.


💡 38% of employees planned to quit their job in the next six months to a year. 

A great Employee Engagement Platform allows organisations to categorise and analyse data based on various criteria such as department, location, or demographics.

By segmenting the data from engagement surveys, you can uncover valuable insights specific to different employee groups. You can find where your problems are coming from and create targeted actions.

We’ll help you with segmentation of your data as part of the set-up process, to ensure you get the most out of each and every survey. 


Getting Started with an Employee Engagement Platform

A successful organisation knows how to encourage team engagement and satisfaction at work. Utilise anonymous employee engagement surveys to collect honest and open feedback. Regular employee feedback and insights are vital tools to take action and build a fantastic workplace.

At Ten Space, we help organisations understand what is driving, or holding back engagement in their teams. We do this through frequent, bespoke engagement surveys, designed to get to the heart of culture and engagement.

Start your journey to high engagement with us by getting in touch. Or check out how we’ve helped others create incredible workplaces in our case studies.

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