Built to engage

The Ten Space survey platform provides a data-driven approach for HR professionals to easily design, gather and analyse high-quality feedback.

built to engage

Reach the parts that others can't

Agile businesses need a flexible and inclusive approach.

Ten Space gathers employee feedback via Whatsapp, SMS & Email surveys so your people can respond on their terms.

This leads to higher participation and a more inclusive experience, capturing the data from all your people, easily.

Engagement Employee

Make better decisions, faster

Backed by artificial intelligence, our real-time dashboards give you the data you need to make informed decisions and take action quickly.


Simple, clear, easy to understand dashboards for faster desicion making.


Tag and segment data easily to identify areas of concern.


Get ahead by viewing results as they come in.

Trend Analysis

Confidently identify hidden meanings and discover trends.

Highly customisable

Your business is comprised of lots of different teams that work in different ways.
Our platform is customisable to fit the needs of every part of your organisation.

Build question sets unique to your business to get to the heart of the problem.


Set surveys to deliver when you want, to whoever you want, where you want.


Build and send surveys to different types of teams and groups in your organisation.

Secure and safe
for all your team

Leader Access

Our Role-based Access Control system gives your people leaders customisable, anonymised access to their teams' results, with specific analysis and actions designed for them.

Our in-built ethics filter, ensures that we protect anonymity, so your teams can feel safe to share their feedback.

A platform packed with technology

And we're constantly adding new features to support our customers
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Secured by design

Data Protection

GDPR compliant for data security


To analyse and intepret results


Integrate with your HRIS ecosystem


Build trust with your team


A platform that grows as you grow

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