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An engaged workforce helps companies achieve so much more. The Ten Space platform captures the valuable insights you need to foster a positive culture and improve employee engagement in your organisation. With this deeper understanding, people managers and leaders can take action and drive meaningful change that enhances workplace performance and addresses critical issues.

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How it works

The Ten Space engagement model

At the core of the platform lies the Ten Space engagement model, which serves as the secret sauce for gathering incredible insights and creating exceptional employee experiences. Through our platform, we support you in evolving your surveys over time ensuring that you consistently capture relevant feedback and trends that fuel your people strategy and increases productivity.

Reach every corner of your organisation

We believe in providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for every individual within your organisation, regardless of their location or work arrangements. Our platform utilises a variety of communication channels such as email, WhatsApp and SMS to create a great employee experience while facilitating feedback sharing. This means that no matter where your employees are or how they work, there is always an easy way for them to contribute and for you to gain insights on employee engagement.

Instant, actionable results

With our user-friendly dashboard, we have simplified the process of understanding insights, data, trends and feedback. As your surveys are happening, the dashboard displays real-time information, allowing you and your managers to access valuable insights at any time. This allows you to spend less time collating data and analysing, enabling you to take action more quickly. Our dedicated team will provide post-survey support, assisting you with action planning and reporting to ensure that your surveys translate into tangible results.

Create a regular employee voice

Capturing employee feedback frequently is no longer a daunting task with Ten Space. Our platform offers the tools and expertise to help you design the right feedback process that aligns with your organisation's unique needs, leadership and teams. By establishing this regular employee voice, you gain the insights necessary to drive your employee engagement strategy, align goals, create accountability and foster a purpose-driven workplace environment. Ten Space equips you with resources that will help you understand the importance of employee engagement.

Ten Space empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of their employee engagement strategy. By utilising our platform, people managers and leaders can leverage their knowledge, experience and approach to drive positive change throughout the workplace. Effective communication, addressing challenges and fostering a supportive culture are integral aspects of our platform, enabling you to build a thriving organisation that values its employees. With Ten Space, you have the necessary insights and data to prove the impact of your employee engagement strategy and continuously improve the employee experience.

Engagement Employee

The insights we’ve gained from using the Ten Space platform have enabled us to set up action plans that focus on particular themes.

Kay Middleton | Head of Operations | BEAM Fieldwork

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