10 ways that our feedback platform is benefiting businesses

10 ways that our feedback platform is benefiting businesses

Publish Date: 2021-10-01

Author: Victoria Bond

As we continue to grow our client base at Ten Space, our clients continue to challenge us on ways to use the Ten Space platform.

We’ve made it easy to go out to employees to ask for feedback. As such our clients are finding more and more ways to ask for their employee’s opinions, thoughts and ideas. It’s helping them make decisions faster and with more confidence. It’s also keeping engagement high.

Below we've detailed 10 ways to use our platform to gather employee feedback. We’ve added a couple of use cases at the end too, for special scenarios where feedback can be the difference between success and failure!


Regular Cadence Surveys

1. Quarterly Engagement Survey 

This is typically a set of 10-20 questions sent to employees on a quarterly basis. Carried out regularly it can help track trends and highlight areas of concern. Great open-ended questions will keep the ideas and feedback coming in and continue to provide you with insight on how engaged your team is.


2. Monthly eNPS

A one-question survey sent out monthly (usually between a quarterly survey) - to check-in. This is particularly powerful if you’ve segmented your team so you can identify where urgent action is needed.


3. Training needs analysis

A great way to capture knowledge and understanding on a topic with a specific group. Use this feedback before building a learning solution, or before delivering a solution to shape the content. Surveys can be conducted after the solution is delivered to measure impact.


4. Hybrid work check-ins

How is hybrid / remote working going? Is it working for the team? Is it aiding engagement? A regular check in can help you find out and make adjustments to your approach to ensure you’re getting the best from your team and they feel supported.


5. Wellbeing questionnaires

An anonymous survey can be really powerful when it comes to understanding the wellbeing of your team. You can get honest feedback quickly and identify hot spots and intervene if needed.


6. Rewards and benefits reviews

How valued are your rewards and benefits? Do employees know about them? Understand them? A short regular survey on benefits and rewards can help you understand your return on investment. It can help you understand where you may need to invest further to boost uptake, or remain attractive as an employer. 


7. Change management review

If you’ve been through a period of change, a well-tailored question set to a specific team, or even the whole business can help seek out if it’s landed well. You can check the understanding and sentiment of the team as they go through the change curve.


8. Leadership alignment survey

Surveys aimed purely at the leadership team to ensure that they are supported and feel empowered and inspired to lead their own teams. This is a critical layer in any organisation and it can help to ensure that they are aligned and engaged.


9. Mission, vision, values check-in

Regular check-ins to ensure that everyone is still aligned and heading in the same direction! By mentioning key points about your vision, mission and values in your question set, you have the added benefit of keeping them front of mind.


10. Diversity, equality and inclusion check-ins

Do your team feel they can be their true selves at work? Do they feel included and truly belong? Do they believe you are doing enough to create a diverse and inclusive culture? Anonymity can be a powerful tool when asking for feedback. If you have a diversity and inclusion agenda, tracking progress and employee feedback can boost impact.

Specific Purpose - some not-so-regular uses we’re working on!


Post-acquisition review

If you’ve recently acquired a business, you’ll need to capture hearts and minds for a newly shaped organisation. An engagement survey to check-in can be a powerful change tool here and prevent attrition of key talent.


Pre-transaction due diligence

Need to impress a potential investor with how awesome your team is? Or maybe you are the investor and you’re doing your due diligence? Asking for employee feedback and understanding engagement is just as important as the financials of a business.

After event success check-in (team night out, conference, sales event etc.)

This is a fun one we’ve done recently. At the start of an event, check-in on understanding, engagement etc. Then re-survey at the end of the event and instantly measure impact! After a team night out you might get some very interesting responses!


Get in touch if we can help with any of the above www.tenspace.co.uk

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