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Capture Employee Feedback

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Surveying via WhatsApp, email and SMS - familiarity and accessibilty to enhance the user experience and reach your whole team, no matter where they are.

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higher response rates

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Engage with your surveys in realtime - reply to anonymous feedback, gain instant insights and enable quick reporting.

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empower hr teams

HR teams

empower hr teams

Case Study

How BEAM Fieldwork increased their survey completion rate to 94% by creating action plans using feedback gathered by Ten Space

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Desk-less Teams
Dispersed Workforces
Attrition & Talent Loss
Through Growth & Change

Survey using WhatsApp, SMS or Email. Our platform makes it easy to engage with desk-less, mobile and remote workers by offering an inclusive, mobile first solution for everyone.

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If you’re managing over multiple sites, locations or even countries Ten Space is for you. Using segmentation you can easily understand the insights from every corner of your business

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Insights to help you identify exactly where your high risk areas are. We help you get to the heart of your issues, make the right changes and retain your top talent.

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Build up a detailed picture of your workforce experiences during critical times. Whether you’re growing your team at pace, changing the structure or during acquisitions.

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Take employee feedback to the next level

If you're already gathering employee feedback but want to do more, we can show you how.

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Results in minutes,
not months

The Ten Space survey platform does the hard work for your HR team, reducing months of data collection and analysis into minutes.

No matter how big your team is, where they are based, or how they work, our survey platform sends feedback surveys to gather responses back quickly for super-quick analysis.

An effortless employee feedback service that lets your HR team focus on what they do best - building your engagement strategy.

Here's some of our customers

Axis Architects
Broadland & South Norfolk
First 4 Lawyers
Five Guys
Talent Crowd
The Resident

And what they have to say

I like the fact that it's so data driven and the ability to do something on a quarterly basis, but with a deeper dive to understand the four pillars of engagement

Janine Owen

Operations Director, Talent Crowd

Articles, whitepapers & news

Organisational Structures - Where do you fit?


Organisational Structures - Where do you fit?

How your org structure can impact employee engagement

The One Where We Prioritise L&D


The One Where We Prioritise L&D

The One Where We Prioritise L&D

Creating Accountability for Employee Engagement


Creating Accountability for Employee Engagement

High engagement and a healthy culture doesn’t happen by accident. Left unchecked culture can often become unruly and the consequences of poor culture and employee engagement become increasingly

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