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Let us take you on a journey.... If you're serious about employee engagement, you need to be obsessed about employee experience! Explore the journeys & experiences of your employees. Capture data and insights that will help you improve employee experience and engagement and take productivity to the next level.

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How it works

Following your employee's journeys

We work with you to map your employee journeys, so that we can explore the experience of your employees in more detail than ever before. With our tools, we'll design a series of surveys to capture regular data and insights of your employee’s journeys to give you incredible visibility and clarity. We help you take a proactive approach to the effective management of employee experience.

Proving your team's impact and ROI

We create journeys that align to all your key projects or strategy in your HR team. Giving you a performance dashboard with all the scores and analytics you need to demonstrate your team's impact. By tracking the engagement trends of key initiatives, we can help you show return on investment more easily and further enhance employee engagement strategies.

Watch the data coming in

We'll automatically step your teams through the processes we've created. Regularly capturing their feedback. So you don't need to worry about who is giving feedback and when, you can just keep an eye on your dashboard as your data comes in.

Fully Supported by our experts

We'll hold regular reviews and insights sessions with you, so you feel fully supported. We'll help you to get the most out of the insights you've captured and support you in taking the next steps to further enhance employee satisfaction.

The Ten Space survey platform allows leaders to seamlessly follow their employees' journeys within the organisation, gaining invaluable insights into their professional growth and development. The platform provides a unique ability to monitor employee sentiment through live data streams from surveys, enabling leaders to make informed decisions to enhance workplace satisfaction.

Engagement Employee

The insights we’ve gained from using the Ten Space platform have enabled us to set up action plans that focus on particular themes.

Kay Middleton | Head of Operations | BEAM Fieldwork

BEAM Fieldwork

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