4 Strategies for Improving Employee Experience

4 Strategies for Improving Employee Experience

Publish Date: 2023-11-01

Author: Aimee Hodgkinson

What does a great employee experience look like? A positive employee experience not only fosters a healthy work environment but also boosts productivity, engagement and employee retention.

💡Each month in the UK, an average of 418,000 searches are conducted for ‘jobs near me’. That’s the equivalent of 13,483 searches every single day!

The battle is truly on to make sure that you retain your employees, but more than that, you undoubtedly want to ensure that they are delivering at their best for you. 

Your employees’ talent and ability only contributes in part to overall productivity. To unlock your employees’ full potential, they need to enjoy their work and value the success of your business.


The Importance of Employee Experience

From the moment someone looks at your job opening, to the moment they leave your company, everything that your employee learns, does, sees and feels contributes to their employee experience.


Enhanced Productivity

Employees who feel valued and engaged are more likely to be productive, resulting in better business outcomes.

💡 Engaged employees increase productivity by 17%.


Reduced Turnover

A positive employee experience, and the engagement it creates leads to higher employee retention rates, saving the organisation time and resources on recruitment and training.

💡 Disengagement costs UK businesses £340 billion every year.


Attraction of Top Talent

Companies that prioritise employee experience, from the first interaction to the last, attract and retain top talent, maintaining a competitive edge in the job market and across their industry.


Strategies for Improving Employee Experience

A great employee experience isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Every workplace is different and should approach their employee experience strategy differently. 

Pick and choose the ideas and strategies that work best for your workforce and tailor them to fit into your overall workplace culture. After all, what’s the point of implementing new employee experience ideas if your employees won’t be receptive to them.

Here’s some of the elements that we know are key to creating a great employee experience in every workplace. 


Develop Career Pathways

Employees want to know that they have a future within your organisation. We see this topic coming up a lot in the employee surveys we carry out. Clearly defined career pathways, opportunities for skill development and mentorship programs can keep employees engaged and committed to their roles.

It’s critical to offer continuous performance development across an organisation. After all, an investment in employee development is an investment in your company’s future. Career and personal development opportunities also need to be fair, transparent and accessible for all. 

Having a plan in place helps employees with career growth opportunities, career mobility and even personal development.


Provide Flexible Working Options

Remote and hybrid workplaces are more common than ever. Letting employees choose where they want to work helps them balance their work and personal life and ultimately increases productivity and engagement.

A flexible work environment allows employees to work in their preferred environment at their preferred hours. Allowing job flexibility has been proven to increase productivity, health and job satisfaction while decreasing stress, costs and absenteeism. 


Conduct Regular Employee Surveys

Surveys are one of the most valuable tools an organisation has. 

Employee engagement surveys allow organisations to ensure they form an emotional and mental connection with their employees, which also can help improve other metrics like job satisfaction and customer experience. It’s key to ensure that you have a continual flow of employee feedback so you know what is working and what you might need to change. 

When conducting these surveys, consider using a third-party platform like the Ten Space Employee Survey Platform, which offers bespoke, anonymous, and easy-to-use survey and analytics tools. 

At Ten Space, we also measure employee experience, following your employee’s journeys as they move through your organisation. This allows us to provide deep insight on the experiences you are creating and where you can optimise them. 

So if you want to understand how your new starters feel, what it feels like to be “top talent”, or how your company benefits are used, we can give you that insight. 


Act on Employee Feedback

Gathering feedback through surveys is only half the battle. To improve employee experience, it's crucial to act on the insights gained. 

By not taking feedback seriously you risk creating a poor culture, or losing valuable team members, so you need to take action! 

💡 Employees who don’t feel comfortable providing upward feedback are 16% less likely to stay in their organisation.

Creating great processes & habits around employee feedback & actions will pay off. This will come through in both survey completion rates, engagement levels, healthy culture and ultimately employee retention.

It’s also important to remember that your workplace and your employees are continually changing, regular insight and data can help you keep ahead of those changes and ensure that your employee experience is always what your employees need. 


Employee Surveys & Employee Experience

The Ten Space Survey Platform helps leaders understand what is driving, or holding back engagement in their teams. We do this through frequent, bespoke engagement surveys, designed to get to the heart of culture and engagement.

Our employee journeys tools help you to explore the experiences of your employees in fantastic detail, to build up a great picture of what is building engagement and where you have opportunities to improve. 

It gives HR teams and  leaders the chance to listen to their team, understand the problems in the organisation and work on changing things for the better.

Our dashboard gives you instant insights. We provide tools and support to help you with reporting. These enable you to take the feedback to your leaders quickly and effectively. 

Start your journey to high engagement with us by getting in touch. Or check out how we’ve helped others create incredible workplaces in our case studies.

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