Next Level Employee Engagement Part 2

Next Level Employee Engagement Part 2

Publish Date: 2023-04-27

Author: Victoria Bond

Employee experience will increasingly be a crucial aspect for organisations to focus on in order to drive engagement and retain top talent.

Crafting and maintaining engaging experiences for an individual, from when they enter an organisation, through to when they leave can impact hugely on engagement, retention and performance.

Maybe you know that employee experience is a vital component when it comes to supercharging your engagement strategy, but how do you actually use it?

In part 2 of our 2 part webinar series, we share tips, tricks and useful advice to help you put your knowledge into action.

We will go through the three key areas: Optimising your employee experience, maximising your EVP and preparing for the future of work, today!


Part 2 - In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll be looking at:

  • Using data when decision making & crafting employee experience
  • EVP checklist
  • Positioning yourself as ‘ahead of the pack’

Stick around for 10 minutes after the webinar for Q&A.


About our Speaker:

With 15+ years of experience in senior HR roles, Victoria Bond is a leading start-up CEO in the Employee Engagement field. She has seen what makes successful, valuable businesses tick.

Victoria is passionate about helping her clients elevate employee experience & create highly engaged teams. She hosts monthly webinars for 100s of attendees in which she shares her expertise while answering business critical challenges.

Victoria advises on conundrums from HR Leaders in her podcast (HR Director’s Cut). With 4k+ downloads, her podcast was ranked in the Top 15% Most Followed Podcasts on Spotify in 2022.


About Ten Space:

The Ten Space platform does the hard work for you - bringing efficiency, professionalism and simplicity to gathering anonymous employee feedback. The Ten Space employee engagement platform helps organisations build highly engaged, high performing teams.

For People teams, it reduces months of work into minutes, with built in tools to help you understand your feedback and quickly action it. For employees, it offers a simple, trustworthy & engaging way to provide feedback - via WhatsApp, SMS and email.

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