Employee Engagement Calendar 2024

Is your HR team ready for the new year? 


In our 2024 HR calendar, we look at what the next year will hold for HR professionals and where we can get ahead on some of the key dates for wellbeing and awareness events in the new year.  


Download your free 2024 Engagement Calendar now

As an HR professional, you’re likely looking for new ways to support and engage your people in 2024, and you’re not alone. Here in our handy, downloadable employee engagement calendar, you’ll find all of the key dates and events for HR in 2024, helping you to get ahead.  

This is just the starting point to begin planning a year's worth of engaging events and activities for your employees to enjoy.

Here are some activities to try:

  • Supporting your leaders to have conversations with their teams
  • Workplace celebrations
  • Team building activities
  • Training events
  • Awareness & education campaigns

To make the most of this tool download it to your desktop and plan your employee events against our suggested tips and dates.

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