Creating Accountability for Employee Engagement

Left unchecked culture can often become unruly and the consequences of poor culture and employee engagement become increasingly apparent as time progresses.


Whether it shows itself in high employee turnover, high sickness, high conflict, or high inefficiency, often the longer it’s left unaddressed the worse it becomes.

But it can often land on HR and People teams to drive the ownership and change that might be needed to improve engagement or shape up culture.

There are many examples where HR professionals are expected to personally ensure that each individual in the business is happy and will run themselves into the ground ensuring that is so.

The reality is, that it takes everyone in the organisation, from the top to the bottom to be committed to high engagement and culture to make it a great place to work.

From the senior leaders who may set the tone, and shape the culture needed for the future. To the people managers, with teams, who are likely the most influential in how it feels to work in the organisation. Right through to the individual contributors who have a choice over how they show up to work every day.

This guide will give you some thoughts and ideas on how you can make everyone feel accountable for culture and engagement in your organisation, helping it to scale and reproduce more naturally.

The key to high engagement is to always be thinking about employee engagement, from top to bottom and beginning to end!

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