eNPS- Why Recruiters need to take it seriously.

eNPS- Why Recruiters need to take it seriously.

Publish Date: 2021-04-20

Author: Alec Middleton

I first heard about Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) was when I was doing a course with Goldman Sachs some 10 years ago. I felt like I was quite late to the party - at least half the room had heard of it before.

Having studied marketing and having a wife that works in Market Research, I knew about the application of a Likert Scales and how that could help you determine the attitudes and opinions of your customers, but NPS developed this further. It provided a framework for measurement over time and this appealed to me as a very useful metric for customer-centric companies. 

I spent 2 years as a recruitment consultant, then 11 years building a digital marketing agency. I worked with a good number of recruitment businesses as clients. I loved building websites for recruiters because I understood the market and the requirements were always a challenge.

The biggest challenge was one of differentiation from the competition - “how can I make a better website than my competitor?”.

This is a difficult question to answer, because there are lots of ways that your website can be better but in my efforts with my earlier clients, it normally boiled down to 3 main things;


1. Design - Brand identity and website design had to be awesome

2. Candidate Attraction - Needed a great job search and easy registration and application 

3. Client Attraction - Needed to position you as a better choice than your competitors


I love consumer psychology and brand identity. I firmly believe that if you don’t understand your customer you don’t stand a chance of building an amazing brand. When building a website for a recruitment company you really have to put your client and your candidate at the heart of the experience. This made sense to me and made it easy for me to work with recruiters. Some recruitment agencies make some bold claims about their client and candidate experience (without really backing it up) but with one client I learned something that stayed with me and probably (in part) influenced my reason to be part of Ten Space. 

This company took NPS seriously. They wore their NPS score on the homepage of their website like a huge badge of honour, and rightly so. They had a great score for their candidate NPS and for their client NPS. They demonstrated true sector knowledge and were meticulous about their brand and the quality of the design. But they didn’t stop there. 

They put their consultant experience front a centre too. After the obligatory job search splash (which should always be front and centre on a recruitment website in my opinion) they had a huge focus on the reasons to work for their business and the quality of the consultants that worked there too. I was seriously impressed. They’d absolutely nailed the thing that many recruitment companies overlook in their marketing - Recruitment is a people driven business, and their consultants were their major differentiator.

But then they took it up another notch - they qualified. They didn’t just say “we’re great and here’s some nice things our team have to say about us (with a gun to their head)”. They were bold enough to talk about having an amazing Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS). This is what we use at Space HR to measure the employee engagement or loyalty to a business. It provides data that helps you build a great internal brand and develop incredible loyalty with your employees.


Just like candidate and client satisfaction can be managed, so can consultant satisfaction and this is the way to do it. It doesn’t have to be baked in to an awesome tech platform like ours, you can just send a survey out on paper and hope you get a response, but keep in mind that our platform makes this highly engaging for all parties.

So recruiters, here’s my challenge to you. If you’re looking for a true differentiator in your business, you truly believe that your people make your business and you want to back it up with some real data, speak to Ten Space.

> We want to help you put your people first. 

> We want you to push past the revenue and headcount barriers that most recruiters don't.

> We want to help you build a business for the future. 

> We want to help you achieve your vision. 

Put your consultants first, listen to their views and let them be part of your growth. You can’t do it all yourself and you might learn a whole bunch of amazing new things that help you get there faster and far more enjoyably.


After all you you hired them for their talent, now let that talent shine.

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