Employee Engagement Calendar - FREE DOWNLOAD (Jan-Mar '23)

Employee Engagement Calendar - FREE DOWNLOAD (Jan-Mar '23)

Publish Date: 2022-12-01

Author: Aimee Hodgkinson

Learn everything you need to know about key employee engagement dates for the first few months of 2023, including big holidays and awareness days.

Some examples:

  • Major events such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day and Women’s History Month
  • Awareness days such as Time to Talk Day, Brew Monday and World Bipolar Day
  • Resources & blogs which offer tips, activities and advice



How to use this calendar

In addition to some resources that will be beneficial for internal communications, engagement, and inclusion, you'll find a lot of useful advice and ideas in the calendar.

This is just the starting point to begin planning a year's worth of engaging events and activities for your employees to enjoy.

Here are some activities you could try:

  • Supporting your leaders to have conversations with their teams 
  • Workplace celebrations
  • Team building activities
  • Training events
  • Awareness & education campaigns

Download this programme to your desktop and schedule your employee events using our suggested dates and ideas to get the most out of it.

Have a productive 2023!



Dry January

National Mentoring Month

Key Dates:

  • 4th January - World Braille Day
  • 15th January - World Religion Day
  • 16th January - Brew Monday
  • 16th January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • 18th January - Winnie the Pooh Day
  • 20th January - Penguin Awareness Day
  • 22nd January - Chinese New Year
  • 24th January - Day of Education
  • 27th January - Holocaust Remembrance Day



LGBT+ History Month

Cancer Prevention Month

Key Dates:

  • 3rd February - Time to Talk Day
  • 4th February - World Cancer Day
  • 7th February - Safer Internet Day
  • 11th February - Women & Girls in Science Day
  • 13th February - World Radio Day
  • 14th February - Valentine’s Day
  • 17th February - Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 20th February - World Day of Social Justice
  • 21st February - International Mother Language Day
  • 21st February - Pancake Day
  • 28th February - Rare Disease Day



Cerebral Palsy Month

Women’s History Month

Key Dates:

  • 3rd March - Employee Appreciation Day
  • 4th March - World Obesity Day
  • 8th March - International Women’s Day
  • 14th March - Pi Day
  • 17th March - World Sleep Day
  • 19th March - Mother’s Day
  • 20th March - International Day of Happiness
  • 21st March - End Racism Day
  • 21st March - World Down Syndrome Day
  • 22nd March - World Water Day
  • 30th March - World Bipolar Day
  • 31st March - Transgender Day of Visibility


Inclusion & Engagement - Every Day

Choosing which holidays and appreciation days to highlight in your workplace might be difficult because there are so many of them. Asking your staff what is important to them will help you develop the best recognition & inclusion strategy, so start there.

We hope that this calendar motivates you to incorporate celebration, inclusion, and recognition into your employee engagement strategy.

Your people are worth celebrating every day of the year, holiday or not!



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