Diary of an Apprentice part 3

Diary of an Apprentice part 3

Publish Date: 2022-07-04

Author: Aimee Hodgkinson

I’ve been with Ten Space for about 6 months now. I’ve learnt so much in this short amount of time so an updated ‘Diary of an Apprentice’ is due!

In my last blog, I mentioned a cool project that I was a part of. A podcast named ‘HR Director’s Cut’. Since then, the podcast has launched and in the first couple of days it reached #113 on the business podcast charts. It continues to grow and episodes are released fortnightly.

My role in this podcast is to create content for LinkedIn. I create graphics, research recent news topics and try to attract new listeners. One of the ways I have been creating content is with audiograms. Audiograms are a mix of all my favourite media types. Audio, video and images all in one. I have enjoyed editing these together. Finding interesting parts of an audio and condensing it down whilst keeping the same message is fascinating.

Along with creating content for the podcast, I’ve been continuing to create content for Ten Space. Blogs have been quite captivating to me recently. I love the process. Thinking of a topic, creating a structure, researching and writing. Surprisingly, the editing process is something I enjoy as well (this bit can end up lasting a while).

One that I am most proud of focuses on recognition. I was able to combine all my blog writing skills into one. I had to be very careful with the structure as there was a lot I wanted to say but it needed to be condensed.

My team members helped me whittle the information down into a blog that was engaging yet informative. The ones I am most proud of have been focused on research. Here are a couple that I would recommend:

3 Keys points to getting recognition right in your team

Are your resignations going viral?

I'm a Gen Z Apprentice, here's 6 ways to keep me engaged


 I am looking forward to writing more blogs in the future.

I am going to be doing more things in the world of video soon. I have plans to start creating video content which I have always loved to do. I used to create short films in college and I loved the creative process. The concept of making an idea come to life is very fulfilling.

I am excited to start filming and editing videos again, I am hoping to learn a lot more as I do. I am interested to see the impact that this sort of content has on our social media statistics.

One of the most beneficial changes I have noticed in the past 6 months has been my increase in confidence. I'm proud of what I've achieved in this short time. A lot of it is due to saying ‘yes’ when opportunities present themselves. In the past it was very unlikely that I would take up opportunities.

This year I have made an effort to do things that will result in personal growth. I've travelled to places I usually wouldn’t. I've taken on work which has allowed me to gain different skills. I've pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. This has resulted in me gaining confidence in myself and noticing what I am capable of.


I am definitely not the same person I was at the start of this apprenticeship. I am very excited to see who I grow to become as my time at Ten Space goes on. As always, I will continue to post updates. Look for my next blog post about my journey as an apprentice at Ten Space.

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