Case Study: BEAM Fieldwork

Case Study: BEAM Fieldwork

Publish Date: 2021-05-11

Author: Victoria Bond

What do you do with crazy high engagement scores?

Take your business international! Read our Case Study of how we're working with BEAM Fieldwork. 

One of Ten Space’s first ever clients was is the wonderful BEAM Fieldwork.

Amy, the MD, leads a small but perfectly formed team of research professionals. Organising market research studies for large and well known brands.

When we first started working with Amy, we were in the thick of the pandemic. She had a number of team members who were on furlough and she was uncertain about the impact it was having on the team and what the path out the other side of lockdown looked like.

We worked with Amy to build an anonymous survey, which we sent out to the team via WhatsApp. This method worked for a team who weren’t all sat in front of emails, depending on if they were on or off furlough at the time.

We built a set of questions that would allow Amy to take a temperature check from the team, gain insight into their sentiment and obtain written feedback to help Amy to move the team forward.


So, what did we find? We found a team who were so engaged it was almost off the scale! Nearly “full marks”! In fact her scores were so high, they had us checking our code to make sure we’d counted right!

So what advice do you give when the client can probably tell you a thing or two about engaging a team?! Well you talk about what you’re going to DO with those engagement scores!


At Ten Space we often talk about the engagement bank account, the more credit in the bank, the more great things you can buy for your business. The higher your engagement (credit), the more you can achieve with your business. We discussed how Amy could comfortably make some withdrawals; implement change, challenge the team some more, take some risks and still have an engaged team supporting her every move.

It gave Amy the extra confidence she needed to press the 'super charge' button on her business and go international. It had always been an ambition, but with the knowledge her team were behind her and some additional client wins, she went for it.

Fast forward to BEAM’s next quarterly survey. We worked with Amy to evolve her questions. Her business was changing and so we needed to be tapping into slightly different things to keep it relevant and deliver the feedback Amy needed to move forward again.

She’d just held a team meeting, where she’d announced the changes and what the future of the business was going to look like. Big changes; new line managers, more risk, extra challenges for the team and no more furlough.


So did her engagement drop? Did Amy make a withdrawal from her engagement to enact the change?

Nope! Honestly, there’s dream teams and then there is BEAM! Amy knew what her team needed to keep them engaged in the future of the business (backed up with our engagement model). She was able to lead her team through the change, reset the vision and keep them engaged with her and with each other.

We’re going to be following Amy’s business, every quarter, evolving her question set to keep it relevant and fresh. To ensure that she knows what’s going on with her team in the moment. What impact the changes are having and how it’s impacting on engagement.

If something shifts and we see a downward trend, we’ll know about it quickly and we’ll know why it happened. Her team will tell us.


We’d like to wish Amy and the whole team at BEAM all the best for the future. We’re honoured to be partnering such an incredible business at such a pivotal part in their journey. Go get them!


We offer a managed service at Ten Space, so we get to know your business and where you’re heading. We’ll work with you to get you the employee insight you need to help move forward and achieve your business goals. 

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