Remain engaged in lockdown2uk

Remain engaged in lockdown2uk

Publish Date: 2020-11-12

Author: Victoria Bond

#lockdown2uk will undoubtedly impact employee engagement and wellbeing. A hard lockdown followed by a long period of home-working has hurt many businesses.

So as we head into a second lockdown how can you make sure your team remains connected, fulfilled and inspired to uphold the mission and values of your business?

Here's our top tips to set you and your team up for success...


1.Learn from last time

This time round, we’re more prepared. Speak to your leaders, reflect what worked and what didn't work and prepare you plan accordingly.


2. Address concerns early

Make it clear how you will be responding to lockdown. Communicate what it means to your business and the impact it may have. Sometimes, saying “I don’t know right now” is an opportunity to demonstrate transparency and build trust.


3. Connect and listen

Informally speak to your team and find out what they are worried about regarding a second lockdown. Is there anything you can solve before it becomes a problem? Is there advice you can give, or signpost them towards? 


4. Address work-life balance

What responsibilities and life admin do your team have? Can you accommodate it? Can you make things easier to relieve some of the pressure and acknowledge their life outside of work? 


5. Check your tech 

Have you and your team got what you need to be a productive remote team? Can everyone remember their log ins?! Is everyone’s equipment still fit for purpose. Not having the basics can be really frustrating and disengaging. 


6. Set personal boundaries

What hours will you work? Can people contact you always? Will you not take calls after a certain time? Set a great example for your team and role model good practice so your team can follow suit. 


7. Connecting as a team

Agree how and when you’ll come together as a team - agree on what you’ll use the time for so that it is focused and productive - get the dates and times in diaries in advance and demonstrate how important it is to you.


8. Goal setting

Set short term goals, ensure you and the team are focused on what you need to deliver over the coming weeks - set some clear deliverables and deadlines if you need to, to keep everyone on track and engaged.


9. One-to-ones

Plan one to ones and team updates in your diary, make them non-movables, these are important times to check in on the wellbeing and engagement of your team, don’t let them slip - put them in your diary now! 


10. Wellbeing warnings

Refresh your memory on wellbeing in the workplace, so that you have resources to draw on if you see any of your team struggling.

This is a good resource.

Of course, these are all things you really should be doing anyway, so why not use #lockdown2uk as an excuse to put a better Employee Engagement framework in place. The benefits will be felt far beyond #lockdown2uk as productivity and performance increases and your retention of great people guarantees an outstanding company culture.


For help and support with your employee engagement strategy, contact Victoria Bond at Ten Space -

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